Top 10 US Cities for Start-Ups in 2019

The U.S. startup ecosystem has been dominated for many decades by Silicon Valley. Despite repeated efforts, only a few cities outside the valley have historically had the unique mix of V.C. funding, talent, and network that fuels vibrant startup centers. This truth has been reflected for a long time with the best startup city rankings.

But today, this isn’t as set in stone as before. More entrepreneurs are finding their way across U.S. cities. Many metro areas are increasingly growing in infrastructure and supporting a growing population of skilled work-forces that drive new startups.
Increasingly, these metro areas regularly appear in the best city rankings in the United States for startups and entrepreneurs. There’s a lot for budding CEO’s to consider, but you will find in this list great places that offer potentials to found new companies. Read on to discover them.

1. San Francisco, CA

This is not surprising. Silicon Valley-adjacent San Francisco has its load of entrepreneurs, money, and highly educated young talents and new startups coming up at an impressive rate. Outside business, Northern California’s unofficial capital is the epicenter of arts, culture, and technology. However, San Francisco can be quite expensive living in, but the City’s median income comfortably closes the gap.

2. Austin, TX

The locals have the motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” The City is home to more than 5,500 tech startups, as well as the big boys like Google, Facebook, and Apple. Recently named by CNBC as the number 1 place in America to start a business. Austin is as much as the bay areas in teeming with bright-minded millennials who can’t get enough of the vibrant arts and dining scene of the City. With the added advantage of a lower cost-of-living price tag. All of these combined are responsible for the City’s impressive employment rate, which is growing faster than every City.

3. Miami, FL

The sand, sun, and tourism of South Beach can easily distract anyone from Miami’s reputation as a great place to start new businesses. Not only is Miami home to new companies, but it is also home to companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple, who have offices there. One of the things that boost this City’s appeal is its close ties to Latin America. The talent comes from its diverse and skilled population, institutions, and private initiatives support businesses that seek to boost innovation. The investors are getting more interested in innovative projects rather than investing in existing establishments.

4. Los Angeles, CA

You could call Los Angeles Silicon Beach because of up-and-coming startups springing up all over the place. Don’t let the laid-back lifestyle, beach, and entertainment provided by the City fool you, Los Angeles is one of the significant wavemakers in the tech industry. It can be difficult to tell why this City is enormously booming with promising startups. But the chances are that the famous faces and loud-like nature of the City play a considerable role. If you want to move to L.A., you’ll be glad to know the median rent is lower than in San Francisco at $3,081 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center.

5. Columbus, OH

In 2017, there was a headline article from TechCrunch titled “Columbus could be the next startup city,” and this is so true. Ohio, the capital city, makes a strong argument with its large, educated adult population that encourages startup growth. Columbus city is quite affordable, but it’s not the place if you are looking for a distinct culture and nightlife.

6. Nashville, TN

It’s well known that Nashville is the state of twangy country and honky-tonks, but entrepreneurship is beginning to gain ground in Music City. While the startup growth rate of Tennessee is on a high at 95.6%, it, however, has a less educated population compared to other cities mentioned on this list. Although its relatively low rent and a mainly younger demographic.

7. Seattle, WA

Three companies that want to be part of your life, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, are based in Seattle, so this is why this City makes it into this list. Emerald city is a youthful and educated city, and although there has been a noticeable drop in startup growth in the last few years. However, it is almost as expensive as San Francisco when it comes to housing and venti lattes. Seattle has a way of eating your income when you aren’t even doing much.

8. Boston, MA

When it comes to degrees, this high-density college town has you covered, but when it comes to a younger demographic population, it doesn’t meet up. This could be due to Boston’s high cost of living, which is one of the highest in the country. However, Boston’s startup growth is rising tremendously with employment figures that match. Investor money is flowing, despite a high rent. In 2018, Boston startups raised over $367 million in February alone.

9. Portland, OR

Portland is not quite as youthful as its rival City, Seattle, nor is it as educated. But the cost of living is cheaper and more chill. Seattle is to a superstore what Portland is to a farmer’s market. Startup growth, however, in Rose City, is anything but relaxed as it almost doubles Seattle’s percentage.

10. Denver, CO

Finally, we come to Denver. This is one city with a significant age of 25 – 34 demographics who are mostly working. The City has one of the lowest unemployment rates across the country. College education levels and startup growth rates are hovering around the middle, but rent is quite expensive. In any case, Denver makes for magnificent scenery with gorgeous mountains, green fields, high skylines, and ease of transport.

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